Melbourne 交通局からのお知らせ

 前回 New Zealand の Corona Virus 対応
について書いたので、今回は Australia の
Melbourne での Corona Virus 対応の話を

 Melbourne では、Tram(路面電車), Train
(電車), Bus を利用する際に、前払い Card
の myki(まいきぃ)を使用するのですが、
その Card を購入した時に、自分の
mail address を登録しました。
 それで、6月に Melbourne 交通局から、
mail で送られてきました。

  Melbourne 交通局
  Victoria 州公共交通局
ですが、日本では『Victoria 州』よりも
思うので、ここでは Melbourne 交通局と

 この注意事項では、『Escalator では、
4段おきに立つ』とか、『駅の platform や
Bus 停などで、屋根のある場所に密集しない
(Australia の)国民性が出ていると

図1 Flinders Street 駅

図2 06JUN2020 の受信 mail

(ここから、06JUN2020 の受信 mail の内容)

> Subject: Transport update: what you need to know as we respond to coronavirus
> Transport update: what you need to know as we respond to coronavirus (COVID-19)
> As restrictions are gradually eased, all Victorians are being asked to play their part to
> keep each other safe and that includes making responsible choices about using our
> public transport network.
> When it comes to work, the message remains the same: if you can work from home,
> you must continue working from home.
> We have run our full timetable throughout the coronavirus pandemic and that will
> continue so that people have choices about when they travel.
> We've increased cleaning, with a focus on the places passengers spend the most time.
> We'll continue doing this for as long as it's needed.
> These measures are providing all Victorians with safe, clean options to make their
> journeys. We ask everyone to plan their best journey and to recognise
> their responsibility to other people on public transport. Here's everything you need to
> know:
> Plan ahead and allow extra time
> Plan your trip using Journey Planner or
> the PTV app. You can check timetables
> and we have real-time departure
> information for our metro train, tram and
> bus services.
> Follow the advice:
> If you feel unwell, stay at home and get tested
> Travel outside peak times if you can (7.30am ? 9.15am and 4.30pm ? 6.15pm), as
> this can help with physical distancing
> Practise good hand hygiene and cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when
> you cough, or otherwise into your elbow
> Keep your distance, where you can
> Respect the clearance zone around our drivers
> Use every fourth step on the escalator and don't pass others
> Spread out along the platform
> Avoid busy waiting rooms. Bring an umbrella if it's raining
> Keep doorways clear
> Download the COVIDSafe app and have it active while you travel
> Keep up to date with information related to travel while the coronavirus is still with us.
> Check out for the latest information.
> More cleaning on trains, trams and buses
> We're making sure all public transport is cleaned deeply and regularly.
> We've increased cleaning, with a focus on the places passengers spend the most time.
> We're cleaning high touch surfaces like next stop buttons, door handles, myki touch
> points, handrails and grab straps regularly and deep-cleaning trains, trams and buses,
> stations and stops every night, until further notice.
> myki and ticketing
> Before you touch on, check your myki card at a myki machine to ensure you're topped
> up and ready to go.
> Our staff are not handling cash, but there are still plenty of ways to top up your myki or
> purchase a ticket.
> Top up at myki card vending machines located at all stations
> By using a credit or debit card with our staff
> On the PTV website
> Regional customers on trains or buses can purchase tickets using a credit or debit card
> with staff at any station or by visiting the V/Line website.
> Cash can still be used at myki card vending machines across the public transport
> network.
> Consider walking
> Are you one of the many Victorians who have enjoyed walking or cycling around your
> neighbourhood during the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions?
> Consider walking or cycling if your trip is short. Walking routes and journey time
> information are available on the PTV app.
> Travelling on trams and buses
> When travelling on trams and buses:
> Don't sit in the seat directly behind
> the driver
> Wait for passengers to get off
> before you board
> At stops, keep your distance from
> others who are waiting
> If it's raining, take an umbrella so you don't need to gather under shelters
> Back to school
> School buses have been running throughout term 2 for students who need to get to
> school.
> Extra cleaning is happening on all school buses including nightly sanitation.
> When traveling on a school bus your child should:
> Sit next to their siblings
> Practise good hand hygiene and cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when
> they cough, or otherwise into their elbow
> Children should stay home if they are unwell
> We are working closely with our transport operators and the Department of Education
> and Training to ensure the transition back to school and face-to-face learning is simple.
> Need more?
> For more information on how you can travel safely during coronavirus visit the PTV
> website.
> Copyright in the contents of this email and its attachments belongs to Head, Transport for Victoria.
> Any unauthorised usage will infringe that copyright. c Head, Transport for Victoria. Level 15, 525 Collins St,
> Melbourne VIC 3000.
> Unsubscribe

(ここまで、06JUN2020 の受信 mail の内容)

図3 Melbourne 空港 T4

図4 901 Bus (Broadmeadows 駅前)

図5 Broadmeadows 駅の platform

図6 Train

図7 Southern Cross 駅

図8 Tram

図9 Public Transport Victoria 運賃表

 当分、観光目的で日本から Australia に
行くことができない状況ですが、myki について

 日本人観光客の多くは、Melbourne 空港
(Tullamarine) から市街地までの移動で、
おそらく SkyBus を利用すると思います。
それで、その料金(だいたい AUD 20 くらい)
を根拠に、『Melbourne(または Australia)
それは誤解です。SkyBus の料金が高いだけで、
Melbourne の物価が高いわけではありません。
価値のある Service は高額で当然です。

 安い移動手段としては、901 Bus と Train
(Craigieburn line) で、空港から市街地まで
myki 払いで、AUD 4.50 です。

 myki (card) は、Melbourne 空港の T2
および T4 の地上階 (Ground Floor) にある

今年は多分無理ですが、Melbourne には
桜も割と多いので、myki で Tram







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