Auckland 交通局からのお知らせ (Level 1)

 6月に、New Zealand の Auckland
交通局から、Corona Virus の Alert
Level が(Level 2 から)Level 1 に
引き下げられたことに関して、mail が

避ける目的で、off-peak 料金を導入した
ことに関して mail が送られてきたので、

 New Zealand では6月9日以降は、
physical distance(日本語では

図1 Auckland の市街地を走る Bus

図2 Auckland の市街地の地図

図3 29MAY2020 の受信 mail

図4 08JUN2020 の受信 mail

(ここから、29MAY2020 の受信 mail の内容)

> Subject: Off-peak bus and train fare discounts to support physical distancing
> Off-peak travel is the way to go!
> Kia ora,
> To help everyone keep their distance from others on buses and trains during
> June, we’re encouraging you to travel at off-peak times if you can.
> Adult passengers will receive a 30% discount off standard adult AT HOP fares for
> travel on weekdays after 9am and before 3pm, or after 6.30pm. Tertiary
> Students with a tertiary concession on their HOP card will also receive a 30%
> discount off an Adult AT HOP fare (rather than the usual 20% tertiary discount).
> We’re hoping that this will not only benefit your hip pocket but will also help
> make space for physical distancing on all our services during COVID-19. This
> way, everyone’s trip will be more comfortable.
> Details you need to know
> 30% off the standard adult AT HOP fare.
> Tertiary Students receive a 30% discount off an Adult AT HOP fare (rather than
> the usual 20% tertiary discount).
> Discounts do not apply to cash fares, remembering cash fares are not accepted
> during Alert Level 2.
> Tag on off-peak which is after 9am and before 3pm, and after 6:30pm in the
> evenings.
> Monday to Friday only.
> Fare offer from 1 June to 30 June.
> For travel on train and bus only.
> Find out more
> Plan your journey
> Off-peak or not, planning your journey
> ahead of time is still a smart move. You
> can use the AT Mobile app, which has
> train and bus updates in real-time or use
> the AT Journey Planner on our website.
> Hopping on board
> If you haven’t travelled with us lately,
> check out this short video about using
> public transport during Alert Level 2.
> Remember to register your AT HOP card
> It makes contact tracing easy if needed. As of this week, 87% of our customers
> are travelling with a registered AT HOP card. If you haven’t registered yours or
> need to register on behalf of another person, click here.
> We ask that you continue to be understanding and patient - and look forward to
> seeing you soon.
> We continue to support Government advice. The best place to find the latest
> information about the COVID-19 situation in New Zealand is on the Government's
> COVID-19 website.
> Terms of use for AT HOP cards can be found here.

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(ここから、08JUN2020 の受信 mail の内容)

> Subject: Back to normal under Alert Level 1
> Kia ora,
> The Government has announced that New Zealand will be moving to Alert Level
> 1 tomorrow.
> This means public transport is back to normal with regular bus, train and ferry
> timetables.
> Physical distancing will no longer be required, and you can now board buses
> using the front door and sit anywhere. However, it will take us a few days to
> remove the old physical distancing stickers and signage - so your patience and
> understanding is appreciated.
> Registered AT HOP cards only
> Please note that bus drivers are not accepting
> cash. Instead, you'll need to use an AT HOP
> card to tag on and off.
> You need to make sure your AT HOP card is
> registered - this makes contact tracing easy if
> needed in the future. Visit our website for
> information on where to get your AT HOP card
> and how to register it.
> How full is my bus or train?
> Now that we’re operating at normal
> capacity levels on buses and trains, we're
> updating our AT Mobile app to show how
> many seats are available on board. Don't
> forget to update to the latest version of
> the AT Mobile app.
> Travel off-peak and save
> Remember we’re offering 30% off adult
> fares during June, so if you're heading
> back to work, consider travelling off-peak
> or choose flexible start and finish times.
> You can find out more information on our
> website.
> Cleaning our fleet
> Even though we're at Alert Level 1, the winter months are upon us so we'll
> still be making sure all public transport is cleaned regularly, including
> antimicrobial cleaning. You'll find hand sanitiser stations at many locations,
> and we encourage you to use them.
> Customer service centres
> From this Thursday, our customer service centres will be accepting cash again.
> However, we still recommend you top up your AT HOP card online or use a
> top-up machine where possible.
> Is walking or cycling your ‘new normal’?
> If you're one of many Aucklanders who has enjoyed strolling or cycling around
> your neighbourhood during the lockdown, why not consider taking it one step
> further by walking or biking to work or to your bus, train or ferry station.
> And finally, thank you!
> We'd like to sincerely thank you for the support, understanding, and patience
> that you've shown us over the last couple of months.
> We've all come a long way, however, we're still at Alert Level 1, so please don't
> travel if you're feeling unwell.
> Remember to keep up the good hygiene habits, and we look forward to seeing
> you soon!

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