Auckland 交通局からのお知らせ (Level 2)

 5月に、New Zealand の Auckland
交通局から、Corona Virus の Alert
Level が(Level 3 から)Level 2 に
引き下げられたことに関して、mail が
 Level 3 の時
に比べて、利用できる Customer Service
Centre の数が、3カ所増えて9カ所に

図1 Britomart 駅の南口

図2 Britomart 駅の乗車券売り場(自動券売機)

図3 13MAY2020 の受信 mail
(Level 2 update: everything you need to know)

図4 利用できる(営業中の)Customer Service Centres

図5 まだ利用できない Customer Service Centres

(ここから、13MAY2020 の受信 mail の内容)

> Kia ora,
> The Government has announced that New Zealand will be moving to Alert Level
> 2 on Thursday 14 May 2020.
> This means public transport timetables have returned to normal for buses, trains
> and most ferries. The Ministry of Health wants passengers to still maintain
> physical distancing so we will need to limit the number of people who can board
> each bus, train, or ferry. This will reduce the number of passengers on each
> service.
> To make up for reduced capacity, we’ve called in some reinforcements; you might
> find yourself travelling on a bus normally used by sightseers or tourists. These
> extra buses will help get everyone where they need to be, quickly and safely.
> When you’re on board, follow the signs showing where you can sit, and please
> avoid sitting next to someone you don’t know.
> Check out this short how-to video about using public transport during Alert
> Level 2.
> Please plan your trip in advance
> We recommend you plan your trip using the
> AT Journey Planner or the AT Mobile app.
> As well as giving you bus and train updates in
> real-time, AT Mobile has a new feature that
> indicates how many passengers are on a bus or train. This lets you know
> before you board if physical distancing is possible or whether you may need to
> wait for the next service.
> Due to reduced capacity, if possible, please travel outside of usual peak hours
> (7:00-9:00am and 4:00-6:00pm). This will make physical distancing easier.
> Digital screens are about to be enhanced at some bus and train stations to also
> give you an indication of the space on board an approaching service.
> Registered HOP cards only
> Under Alert Level 2, regular fares apply. Please note that bus drivers won’t accept
> cash. Instead, you’ll need to use a registered AT HOP card to tag on and off.
> You need to make sure your AT HOP card is registered - this makes contact
> tracing easy if needed. Visit our website for information on where to get your AT
> HOP card and how to register it.
> Cleaning our fleet
> The safety of our customers and workers is a priority, so we’re making sure all
> public transport is cleaned regularly. We’ve also stepped up our regime to include
> spot checks and antimicrobial cleaning. You’ll find hand sanitiser stations at many
> locations, and we encourage you to use them.
> When travelling on buses
> Cash payments for fares will not be accepted.
> You must use an AT HOP card.
> Use the rear door to get on and off buses.
> Tag on and off using the AT HOP card reader
> inside the rear door.
> If you use a wheelchair or mobility device,
> are vision-impaired or require driver assistance, you can still get on and off
> using the front door.
> Each bus will have a sign showing the number of passengers it can carry.
> School buses
> AT school bus services will operate during Alert Level 2. Following the
> Government’s guidelines, physical distancing measures will be different from our
> public transport services but standing on buses will not be permitted.
> Working closely with the schools, AT have several measures to support contact
> tracing for students. Hand sanitiser will be made available for students boarding
> and departing the bus, in addition to the bus being cleaned in accordance with
> Government guidance.
> We recommend that parents wait with their child(ren) at the bus stop until they
> can see if the bus has enough room for their child(ren).
> Is walking or cycling your ‘new normal’?
> If you’re one of many Aucklanders who has
> enjoyed strolling or cycling around your
> neighbourhood during Alert Levels 4 and 3,
> why not consider taking it one step further by
> walking or biking to work? Check out our
> website for all the information you need
> to plan your commute.
> Customer service centres
> These customer service centres will be open but with reduced staff numbers:
> Britomart ticket windows
> Manukau Bus Station
> New Lynn ticket window
> Panmure
> Smales Farm
> Newmarket
> Albany
> Constellation
> Papakura Train Station
> The Manukau Train Station, Downtown Ferry Terminal, Botany and AUT customer
> service centres will stay closed during Alert Level 2.
> The best place to find the latest about the COVID-19 situation in New Zealand is
> on the Government’s special COVID-19 website. For up to date public transport
> timetables please see our website.
> Aucklanders have embraced the chance to do their bit and reduce the spread of
> COVID-19. We ask that you continue to be understanding and patient. Thanks for
> your support.

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